Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Assessment of My Performance this Sem

I promised to be at my best this semester. In one of my blogs at Friendster, I said I wanted to make a perfect 10 this sem (because it's my 10th sem in MSU and supposedly my last).

However, this sem didn't start quite right because I had to attend a 2-week training at PhilNITS, Davao. And that event led to many "other unexpected" events. I had a roller coaster ride - with all the highest and lowest points, which made my stomach feel funny. Anyway, I was a little distracted and troubled in the past few months. But I managed to keep my sanity. =)

All of my "hopes" for the best performance kept on falling apart because I had so many "back jobs", too many commitments...
  • I had to attend another 1-week seminar at PhilNITS last January
  • I had to re-echo my learnings from the seminar/training that I have attended
  • I had to present my project at Ateneo de Davao during the Research Festival
That is why, I really feel guilty. But I will make it up next sem (again)

These are some things I want to improve on:
  • planning ahead and implementing the plan
  • check papers and return them regularly
  • provide up-to-date feedback to students
  • faithfully do projects
  • not turn research time into social networking time...(sigh)

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