Sunday, October 12, 2008

chat with one of my best mentors

i was reviewing for the philnits exam when i thought about updating my blog about SFD to include the links to the SFD teaser, which i have uploaded to YouTube.

however, Sir Edwin, one of my (best) mentors during my masters, sent a message through Google chat...

it's really a blessing to have him as my mentor. i admire him not only on the way he teaches, but also on his wisdom: about life in general.

he said:
life is basically about relationships. certain things can actually wait, depending on how you see it.

which is really true. i have been deeply troubled about deciding to stay or leave the university and work in the industry. i've heard dozens of advice and opinions on the matter but this single line really got me thinking. yeah, certain things can ACTUALLY wait. i have this tendency to treat everything as URGENT. sometimes, it's good to slow down and take things one at a time.

and yes, life is about relationships. at the end of the day, it won't matter how great you are in your field. what matters is the lives you've touched and how your relationships are with other people - famiy, friends, officemates, students, and even soon-to-be x-officemates, x-boardmates, and x-employers...

Sir Edwin:
we all have our own personal struggles. and it takes one to dig deep in his/her inner resource to make the decision that brings peace to oneself...

whew! i really feel blessed to have him as my mentor. i haven't arrived at the end of the tunnel yet, but a least, i can see the light. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nothing Constant But Change...

We just concluded the CSC181 Proposal Defense a while ago. And it was tooootally different from the previous years' defense. My co-teacher's head was way cooler now (he's a transformed person already!). There were no suicidal murder plots (: hehe...that was an exaggeration. But if our alumni could have only witnessed our defense today, they would really wish they were born or have enrolled a little later. Geez...but as always, experience is the best teacher - EVEN for TEACHERS.

We've also learned through the years...
LESSON: Never Stop Learning! :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Making a Living OR Living a Life

Recently, I've read Sacha Chua's blog on GenY and How They Work.
It really helped me realize a lot of things. It came when I needed it most.

I just talked to my other "boss" a while ago. I told him (meekly) that I won't be working for them anymore (next semester). It was my third and final attempt to talk to him. Finally, I got the courage to tell him about my plans. I no longer want to work on Saturdays, well.. at least for next semester. I want to spend it with friends and family, and most of all, I want to spend it creating more value for myself through:
a. engaging in real projects (I can start small)
b. reading the books I've been wanting to read for a long time
c. research on things that really interest me.

I felt good when my "boss" didn't react the way my "other bosses" in the other fence reacted. He even encouraged me to look for better opportunities and to do it while I am still young (while companies would be much willing to accept me).

He told me that I could still think about it until the 25th of October. I was thankful because I am still actually having second thoughts. Im scared to be financially unstable. I have brothers to send to school. And the Nursing course in Davao Doc is expensive. Im afraid I might not have enough money to support my family...

But I guess I have given more than enough of my share already. I am no longer happy with what I am doing. It's no longer worth the effort. I will still try my best to be financially stable without having to kill myself slowly by working unhappily for ten straight hours. I just had to enjoy my Saturdays again...

Sometimes, it's just hard to decide between "Making A Living" or "Living A Life".