Saturday, May 2, 2009

Things I'm Good At

I am good at:

doing Research. I love learning lots of new and exciting things on the Web especially about how it has changed the way people work, play, and live life. I love finding more about the latest in information technology including cool stuff such as gadgets and software. I would love to help you create new materials for your presentations by doing the research work for you.

organizing events and leading people. One of the most successful events that I have organized is the Software Freedom Day 08 celebration in General Santos City, which earned a special mention from the SFD Organization. I was able to pull off some great talents from the students, fellow faculty members, and people from the government and business sectors. I have always dreamed of being an Events Coordinator for special events like Weddings. =)


making slideshow prsentations. I use them often during trainings/seminars/lectures.

I want to learn more about or get better at:

writing blogs.

Testing software/programs. I really love running tests on student programs and I’m interested on how people at industries do software testing (quality checks).

image editing using tools like PhotoShop and GIMP and create special invitation cards… I have a lot of learning to do in this area.

public speaking. I want to learn some techniques on keeping the audience/participants interested.

teaching or mentoring. I want to improve my teaching skills in a way that motivates the students to learn more about a topic (even boring ones)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Working at ODesk: Things Learned


It's been a week since I've worked at ODesk. I find it really cool and amazing! I learned about ODesk from Sacha Chua. I got interested so I created a profile at ODesk and took the tests. Luckily, I got a perfect score on the ODesk Readiness Test and managed to pass the other tests (HTML 4.01, English, Unix Shell Scripting). Yehey!!! *clap* :D

With much confidence, I applied to 3 jobs: a Wedding Blog, Health and Fitness Blog, and Assistanceship in Writing a Training Manual.

Guess what? I was rejected for the first job because someone was already hired. BUT I got interviewed by an employer and he told me that the job I'm applying for is already filled but he wanted me to apply to another job that he posted. However, he required me to create a hub at HubPages and a lens in Squidoo, which I know I wouldn't be able to do at that time because I wasn't familiar with both platforms and I am busy preparing for my summer lessons. But the buyer said he read my blogs and he's impressed with my writing. Awww.... I felt happy that he wanted to hire me for his other projects in the future. Happy! :D

Luck struck again when I was interviewed for the Training Manual job. I was hired right after the interview and I was more than excited to start! :)

Some of the things I learned or re-learned are the following:

1. Using Skype for voice communications - And discovering that there are times when you hear the other person so clearly and he can't hear any word from you AT ALL!

2. Using TeamViewer - I was amazed! And I'm already a techie! Imagine that.

3. Installed MS Office 2007 (with reluctance) because my boss required me to. We needed to have a common tool for the manual. Sorry, Writer....

4. Google Talk is clearer and better than Skype - in my case. Because I can hear my boss at the other line.

5. oDesk tools are fantastic! Wow!

Hmm... I can't wait to receive my ODesk Debit MasterCard! Yipee! :)