Friday, February 4, 2011

Satisfied with my Globe Tattoo Broadband Stick

I bought my Globe Tattoo a week ago (January 28). It cost me Php 1,245.00. I feel that it was a Sulit buy because it was bundled with 125 hours surfing time and 2,000 texts to Globe/TM for 30 days. Not bad.
The signal in my room isn't that good though. I have to go outside to get a better signal. But I'm still quite happy and satisfied with it. :)
Regular rate is 5 pesos for 15mins or 20 pesos per hour. Unlimited surfing per day 
will cost 50 pesos.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Reminiscin Japan

Last year, during these times, I was happily making the most out of my brief stay in Japan. I just want to look back and reminisce my Japan experience…
It’s really such a beautiful country. My friends and I saw Mt. Fuji at the viewing site in Hakone. It was magnificent and the Japanese were so proud of it. They always remind us to see Mt. Fuji because they respect and adore it so much. When we finally saw it, most of my Pinoy friends secretly said that our very own Mt. Mayon was more beautiful – sans the snowcap. Haha.. Love your own! At least we were patriotic.
I ate the Black egg (supposed to add 5 years to your life…haha)
and rode on the pirate ship

and on the ropeway…
..and the giant wheel
..and roller coaster!

We also went to see the Tokyo tower, and Sea Paradise.
And of course, shopping! Thanks to our generous Japanese sponsors..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5th and Last USEP Monthsary.

The Fifth and the Last...

Life is really full of surprises. Of twists and turns. I never thought my stay with USEP would be brief. I once wrote on my journal that my vision is : to be one of the best IT educators/practitioners in Davao City... I wrote that with a promise in my heart that I will be with a university in Davao that will help me fulfill my vision.
USEP has not failed to teach me the things I needed to learn. It was not a smooth ride right from the start. I had to adjust to the new environment, the culture, and the people around...

Though it was really a brief stay, I will still miss the people who made my life easier - my officemates and students. Some of the students may hate me for failing them, for not being able to give my hundred percent, or for notbeing able to meet their expectations.

I admit I was not at my best this semester. I was stressed and tired almost everyday that I had to literally drag my feet to my classes. Every time I see or notice disappointment in the eyes of my students, I always felt incompetent and unworthy to be standing in front of them. I felt that if my previous students could only see how I performed here, they wouldn't be so proud of me anymore...Haha. I tried my best to regain my strength and show some enthusiasm but I failed many times. If I have one regret in my stay with USEP, it is that I wasn't able to really give the best of me coz I allowed stress and pressure to get in the way.