Monday, November 17, 2008

confusion about CSS

hello guys and gals,

sorry for stirring confusion in your minds when i asked you to create your own CSS for your blog. i just got a little too excited. hehe..

Anyway, here are some things that you can do to accomplish your homework.

1. Read this article about CSS (important) : CSS Design Process

2. download the original blog template

3. read and analyze the html code....(you have to study basic html or review it)

4. take note of the elements of the page...

5. try to see how the current CSS was applied to the html

6. experiment with the current css..

7. discover, and learn! have fun!

8. create sketches of your design on paper (or computer software)

9. create your own CSS for the page!

10. :)


mary alyn said...

maam gud nun!wen ipasa tong exam na imu ipadownload na answeran?,tnx God bless!

lanilyn said...

Hai ma'am ask lang me when gid and deadline sa pagpasa sang blog?
ma'am pls malouy ka, limited kaayoamong time sa lab. taz la me computer, taz dili pa gid me kagamit pagdi namo sked pagawason me...tnx poh, God bless