Saturday, September 27, 2008

I am joining the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit

Wow. This is great. There's really a lot of action going on in the web these days. People are connecting and collaborating even more. And we are meeting FACE to FACE.

First, there was the Software Freedom Day.

Now, I am looking forward to this Mindanao Bloggers Summit thingie.

Exciting. I could meet the bloggers from my very own Mindanao. I am relatively new to blogging and I'd love to learn more from them. Blogs have helped me a lot. Reading other people's blogs inspire me (especially Sacha's). I learn from other people's experiences in every aspect of life. From computers, viruses, programming, teaching, presentation, travelling, food, love, family, career, it, I've probably read a good blog about it.

And what makes it even greater is that I don't have to travel far to attend the event. It's all happening here in GenSan. I'd definitely grab this opportunity. :)

See you there! :)

NOKIA (Philippines), Inc.
Mayor Pedro B. Acharon, Jr.
Congresswoman Darlene Antonino-Custodio
ABS-CBN Regional Network Group
Mindanao Bloggers
Bariles Republic

ACLC-Skeptron Ventures, Inc.

Asia United Bank
Family Country Hotel & Convention Center
East Asia Royale Hotel

Digital Filipino
Pacific Seas Seafood Market
Shalom-Crest Wizard Academy
Generals Logimark Exponent
< Prints and You
Sta. Cruz Seafood, Inc.
Dellosa Design Builders, Inc.

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